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My daughter always seems to have a sore shoulder- what can I do about that?

Several volleyball skills including serving, blocking, and hitting require an overhead motion that can stress both the dominant (hitting/serving) and non-dominant arm.

Excessive hitting repetitions or poor technique (limited follow through) are often the causes, so work with coaches to limit these issues.

Many volleyball players can benefit from scapula (wingbone in back of shoulder) and overall shoulder stretching and strengthening exercises.

Going even a step further, paying attention to lower back strength and flexibility along with proper jump timing and technique can also be of great benefit.

For a comprehensive evaluation of hitting, blocking, or serving technique, please feel free too contact the office.

Can we do something to prevent ankle injuries, especially when landing around the net?

Net play is a common cause of ankle injuries, especially when players cross under the net.

Landing lightly from a jump on both feet with hips, knees, and ankles all lined up and slightly bent can not only reduce the risk of ankle injuries, but also severe knee injuries.

Balance training can reduce the risk of ankle injuries as well.  

Protective ankle braces have been shown to reduce first-time ankle sprains and also for those unfortunate to have sprained ankles in the past, protective ankle braces can reduce the risk of re-injury especially in the first six months after an ankle injury. Bracing does not reduce the need for a proper ankle rehabilitation program after an injury. 

For more information on ankle braces in volleyball, click here.