Chris G. Koutures, MD, FAAP Pediatric and sports medicine specialist

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Comprehensive blend of general pediatric and sport medicine care with an individualized approach that enhances the health and knowledge of patients and their families



Proud physician:
USA Volleyball Mens/Womens National Teams
CS Fullerton Intercollegiate Athletics
Chapman University Dance Department
Orange Lutheran High School

Co-Author of Acclaimed Textbook

Pediatric Sports Medicine: Essentials for Office Evaluation

Orange County Physician Of Excellence, 2015 and 2016


Why should my child play sports?                                                                                          

Children should play sports to have fun, learn the values of hard work and life-long exercise, while taking pride in self-improvement and teamwork.

I find many 5-8 year old children eager to tell me about all the fun they have in their various sports and activities, so I think these goals are often met in younger children.

However, when I see adolescents, I tend to see two extremes.

Some of them are burned out and disinterested in sports or any exercise- while others are part of an increasing number putting so much emphasis on sports that they are suffering from overuse injuries and fatigue. 

Helping to place proper perspective on sport choice and participation is an important role for all parents, and your participation in sports and behavior at sporting events send a message to your child.

If exercise is a regular part of your life, odds are your children will be more receptive to regular exercise or sport participation.

Negative adult attitudes or poor sideline behavior set bad examples for children and take away much of the enjoyment of youth sports.

You may have to make tough decisions or set limits on sports participation- that indeed is part of your role as a parent, and do take that role seriously.

Sure, winning records, all-star teams, college scholarships, and pro contracts are cool goals- but these should not be the ultimate measure of success.

Sports should be enjoyable for all- athlete and family.